Community Impact Stories

We put your donation to work where it will have the greatest impact in northwest Alberta by investing in local programs and initiatives.

Because of our donors and partners, United Way has changed the lives of thousands of people in our communities.

These are just a few of their personal stories:

Impact Stories

Client with Celebral Palsy gets help with improving Computer Skills

Agency: Spinal Cord Injury Association
From: A client suffering from Cerebral Palsy
"I really hope that they know how much I really appreciate their support in helping me improve my computer skills.  I hope that the funding will still be there.  When we need it.  I will probably see you in the offce tomorrow and we can talk about this then.  Thank you very much for everything do you have really influenced my life for the better because I know.  Without your support that I would not have the skills that I have gained over the last couple years with you."  

Young Mother Gets Support to Achieve Dream

Agency: Society for Support to Pregnant & Parenting Teens
From: Young mother of two

"I was making plans to be a mechanic, however I had always wanted to be a vet. Heather, my ESW [Educational Support Worker], inspired me to revisit my dream of being a vet. I thought because I got pregnant at 16 and had two kids that I was too old to go to university for four or more years. Heather told me about someone she knew that went to vet school and how they juggled life and school. She helped me believe I could [do it]. I needed a kick start and the support to get it done. I appreciate what Pregnant and Parenting Teens does to help me succeed."

Program Provides More than Just Meals

Agency: Meals on Wheels (Grande Prairie & Area Council on Aging)
From: Three clients of the meal delivery program

  • “My mom is a diabetic and sometimes forgets to eat, which can be dangerous for her. Having food delivered reminds her to eat. Also, having someone there to check on her every day at noon is a comfort.”
  • “Lying in bed with a fractured back, Meals on Wheels made it possible for me to stay at home [instead of remaining hospitalized].”
  • “I feel more independent and don’t have to rely on my busy family to have my meals made for me, since I am unable to cook due to my surgery.”
Seniors Gain Independence and Knowledge

Agency: Seniors Outreach (Grande Prairie & Area Council on Aging)
From: Comment cards from three seniors who use the services of Seniors Outreach

  • “I deeply appreciate the kind, knowledgeable, and friendly staff at Seniors Outreach. It is such a relief to know there is a place where I can go with my questions. Whoever makes this service possible, please thank them very much. I hope it can continue for many years to come.”
  • “I am very thankful we have Seniors Outreach in Grande Prairie. They assisted us several times, and when my dad passed away they were there to help with applications for pensions. The staff are so knowledgeable. [Without them], I would not know where to find all the information we needed.”
  • “I feel more independent because Seniors Outreach helps me.”