Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

FAQs - FAQ's

While it varies slightly from year to year and by location, on average, local United Way Centraides across Canada spend 15 per cent of total revenue on fundraising and administration costs. We strive to keep those costs as low as possible, and to ensure the money going directly to community agencies and program funding is used efficiently and effectively.

We drive social change in three focus areas: poverty, kids, and communities. Since 1977, we have supported agencies that improve lives and build community in our area. Today, United Way invests in programs and collaborations that tackle root causes of social issues, connecting northwestern Albertans with opportunities to help them flourish.

United Way Canada is known as “Centraide Canada” in Quebec, Ottawa and other French-Canadian communities. Recognizing the bilingual nature of Canada’s culture and language, our national office officially became known as “United Way of Canada – Centraide Canada” in 1976.

The more than 100 local United Way offices across Canada are also sometimes referred to as “centraides” (French for “aide centres”).

The national office, United Way Centraide Canada, has a distinct role to provide leadership, guidance and support to local United Way organizations across the country.

Each of the 108 local offices are independent, and work with local volunteers to address local social issues and improve living conditions within their specific area.

The area we serve ranges north-south from the border of the Northwest Territories to Grande Cache, and east-west from Slave Lake to the border of B.C.

Donors who give more than $20 online or using e-Pledge will automatically get emailed tax receipts. (Note: A tax receipt will not be issued for donations less than $20 unless you make a specific request.)

Monthly credit card withdrawals will be consolidated on one tax receipt. Donations will be totaled and a receipt will be issued by February 28.

Cash or cheque donations will receive paper or emailed tax receipts, depending on your preference. All tax receipts will be mailed by February 28.

Payroll donations do not receive a receipt, but appear in Box 46 on your T4.